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Terrible Surveillance Detection Skills

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Terrible Surveillance Detection Skills

Post by Ted-Pencry on 22/10/2013, 04:42

Here is some fresh footage from a terrorist knife attack in Israel on 20/10/13.
From what I can see from the footage the bus is mainly filled with religious jews.
This probably means many of them did not do their army service or have very little street experience.
You would think that living in Israel would make them just a little bit aware of their surroundings.

We can see from the footage many men with beards and jewish features, and then we spot one man in the back that seems out of place, he seems out of place because he is really jumpy and at the back, he looks stressed out and these are combat indicators.

Someone obviously shouts that he has a knife and the bus empties itself faster than any other normal day.

If one person in that bus had a bit of SD knowledge, the attack would have probably been thwarted.

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Re: Terrible Surveillance Detection Skills

Post by hoepoe on 1/12/2013, 05:07

Good post, thanks for sharing Ted.

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