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Download the EU Report on NSA Surveillance

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Download the EU Report on NSA Surveillance

Post by Ted-Pencry on 11/1/2014, 18:33

Download below the 52-page draft report on the EU committee's inquiry into the NSA spying scandal and its implications on European citizens. The draft report is hard on all sides - including governments and companies in the EU.

The report summarizes the findings from the past six months. On page 16, the text says that the recent revelations in the press by whistleblowers and journalists, together with the expert evidence given during the inquiry, have resulted in "compelling evidence of the existence of far-reaching, complex and highly technologically advanced systems designed by US and some Member States' intelligence services to collect, store and analyze communication and location data and metadata of all citizens around the world on an unprecedented scale and in an indiscriminate and non-suspicion-based manner."

The authors explicitly point at Britain's signals intelligence agency GCHQ and its upstream surveillance activity (Tempora program) as well as decryption program (Edgehill), and add that it's quite likely that programs of a similar nature as the NSA's and GCHQ's exist - "even if on a more limited scale" - in countries like France, Germany and Sweden.

The European Parliament's committee inquiry into the spying scandal was the first of this scale. No individual EU country has looked into the scandal this thoroughly and no EU government has been as explicit in its criticism of the US government.

"This is a mature parliament when it comes to data protection and privacy," committee rapporteur Moraes said in summary. Over recent years, the European Parliament has undertaken extensive inquiries into data exchange agreements, such as Swift and Safe Harbor. But all too often, they have had little implications, the committee said.

The list of policy recommendations in the draft report is long: Countries like Germany ought to revise their laws so they're compatible with the basic right to privacy and data protection; parliamentary control bodies that look into secret service activities ought to be equipped with better technological know-how; and the EU's IT infrastructure ought to be better protected against attacks – even if that costs money - are just some of the recommendations.

Albrecht said he is convinced the inquiry has helped European citizens understand just how important European standards are for their civil liberties and the protection of privacy. This, he hopes, may ultimately lead to a higher voter turnout at the European elections coming up in May. "When they realize that they're invited to go to elections for the next EP I think they'll consider how this EP and the political groups have acted on the question of protecting their civil liberties in the European Union."

The LIBE committee will put its draft report up for debate at a session next Monday (13.01.2014) and up for a final vote on 23.01.2014. Sophie in 't Veld, a member of the LIBE committee from the Dutch Liberals, had this comment on Thursday: "We've been very naive, but if there are any hackers out there - you have until next week."
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