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Paul (bob) Marlee

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Paul (bob) Marlee Empty Paul (bob) Marlee

Post by bob-xix on 31/3/2014, 08:33

good morning,
 I found this site through one of the many Facebook pages associated with CP and security,
I have recently passed the Phoenix cse and I am currently looking to gain employment within in the industry whether its Hostile or Executive,
I left the Army back in 2011 after my 22 years and decided I wanted the "cushy" option by becoming an Hgv driver, this may have been the case however the cushy option is not for me ,
I am now at the crossroads and I am undecided as to whether I enhance my qualifications for CP or do I try my hand at other branches , Maritime or Investigation/surveillance.
any way that's enough about me, if there's any thing else you need to  know please feel free to ask

take care
be safe

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Verified CPD Member

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Paul (bob) Marlee Empty Re: Paul (bob) Marlee

Post by Ted-Pencry on 31/3/2014, 09:12

Hi Bob,

Welcome to CPD.
Its a tough choice you have to make, whether it be SV, MarSec or CP, all these branches of the sy industry are currently saturated.

Ideally if you have the time and funds, try and get all of the above on your CV by doing courses and getting the right quals. You may want to consider the Medical sector.

There are jobs going nearly every week, but when a job is advertised, the POC usually gets in between 100-500 CV's in a 3-4 day time span.

The easiest way to be in employment is of course to know the POC or have a very large network, and many friends working for the top companies.

There are also hundreds of jobs going that we never see open source, its all done internally by people who know each other and who pass on contacts to each other.

If you wish to view all forum topics and become a verified CPD member, you may want to take a read of this:

All the best

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