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G7 London CPD Course

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G7 London CPD Course

Post by g7training on 2/4/2014, 12:59



4 days on the ground training taught by ex SO19 & SO14 Royalty Protection Instructors with 20 years experience of working within London.
You will experience every conceivable scenario of foot and vehicle based operation giving you the broadest possible experience.
We address the problems employers are having with the current trend problems from new staff in London, Geographical Knowledge, Driving, establishing a rapport and attention to detail being just a few.
We pass you our extensive list of London contacts, this is priceless when it comes to operating in London and the smooth running of your clients protection. Concierge’s, Maitre D’s, Managers and fixers you will get them all, a list that has taken years to compile. You will also compile your own!
The use of London Public Transport is becoming more prevalent in todays market and we make sure you know how to navigate the various systems whilst still giving your VIP/Client the protection required.
Foot drills and Vehicle movements are throughout the course allowing you to see and get the feel for an environment very different to many around the world.

Get first hand specific London knowledge of:
Bars/Night Clubs
Prestige Vehicles
Protective Surveillance Techniques 
Client Specific Requirements 
VIP Airport Areas
Client & Self Protection Defence Program

Expect visits by the Team Leaders of various major Close Protection teams based in London to speak about what they do as a team and how that team specifically operates. An amazing opportunity to network with people at the top of the industry.

All of this comes with our ongoing After Care package, access to our Graduates Portal and free British Bodyguard Association membership.


Doug Barnett
I have just completed the Four Day London Close Protection CPD Course with G7 Tactical Training Ltd, and I have had a blast!
My Knowledge of London was at an intermediate level before I started the course. However, I still had no idea of the depth of knowledge that is required for CP’s operating throughout Central London. I completed my CP training outside of London, so this course was a fantastic opportunity to gain all the knowledge needed for operating in such a busy and diverse city.
Day one was spent orienteering around the major routes through central London. With regards to knowledge, we were left in the safe hands of a former SO14 Royalty Protection Officer turned Private Consultant operating in the area. Anything this gentlemen didn’t know, wasn’t worth knowing! There was no stone left unturned and we even got to see the famous SO14 in operation whilst driving around, a nice little touch! The evening was spent looking at the major hotels in the area, very interesting for someone who is used to staying at TravelLodges.
Day two we were taken to the business lounges of Stansted and City Airport, and then to St. Pancras Station. This was a great insight into the procedures that are in place for arrivals and departures from a CP perspective. We were then out on foot, using public transport to get from A-to-B across London, taking the opportunity to use foot drills at every chance. We touched on hotels again, shopping across the famous Sloane St etc, casinos, gentlemen’s clubs, and much more. In the evening we were taken to the prestige bars and clubs of London, a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the managers, find out the procedures for VIP’s, and get their direct contact details.
Day three we were out on foot again looking at shopping in the infamous Harrod’s, Harvey Nichols etc. This was a great eye-opener into the exclusive world of retail, and also how easy it is to get lost in Harrod’s. In the afternoon/evening we were given a briefing for a final exercise. Therefore we spent this time recceing the routes and locations for the next day.
Day four we spent the majority of the day on final exercise in which we had to escort a VIP and their PA around Central London for the day. We were also lucky enough to spend four hours with a self defense instructor who gave us a fantastic lesson on defending ourselves and our clients from both unarmed and armed attackers. This was very useful and taught to an extremely high standard, it was a lot of fun to!
In summary, this course is well worth doing even if you are familiar with London, as everything is related back to close protection. Shaun and he’s team at G7 Tactical Ltd are not only extremely knowledgeable in both executive and hostile environments, but very honest, reliable and friendly professionals. They made me feel very comfortable and confident on the training I received.
Big thank you to Shaun Gowland and everyone that made this possible at G7 Tactical Ltd.

Paul Rowland
G7 London CPD Course Review.
I have just returned from a four day CPD Course in London and wish to share my experience with you all.
On the course were five trained and qualified CPO's with a varied range of experience from different backgrounds and no two were previously trained by the same training provider on their initial courses.
The first day comprised of a short briefing and introduction to staff and various subject matter experts that we would encounter over the coming days, a brief input on equipment and then we were out on the ground for one of the most informative and experience sharing orientations I have ever been lucky enough to witness.
We were taken to venues throughout the following two days and nights that would be expected to be frequented by clients, allowing us to meet and engage with staff and build up a valuable network of contacts for future reference.
During this time the team traveled across London using both public transport and a company vehicle, practicing close protection skills and drills throughout the whole time.
We were given our clients itinerary for the final exercise and carried out recces of venues and planned a route for the phased operation. The exercise went well and feedback from our training staff was very good.
Considering that just three days earlier none had worked together in this role before, all had received varied training from different providers and we all had varied levels of experience, I believe the course was clearly pitched at exactly the right level to enable anyone, regardless of their experience to achieve the aim and goal of the course which is to continue their development.
I would recommend all those who trained anywhere outside of London to get booked onto this course and learn from true industry professionals who have experience of working in London at the highest level for twenty years, within the countries most specialized Police units. As well as this, you will benefit from the wealth of experience held by the course developer who has worked within the industry at the highest level across the world for many years.
During the course I received a call from a company who have offered me five days work in London next week, they and their client will now benefit from the experience and knowledge that I have gained.
By all means feel free to ask questions!

Anthony Keay
Excellent personal development course, the difference in my understanding and ability to operate around London from arriving to leaving was outstanding.
Normally when undertaking a course I apply just one simple rule, that even If I learn just one thing then it was worth it, on this course I learned hundreds making it a priceless experience. 
Everything on the course was shown from some of the industries top operators, not just training providers which means everything shown and discussed was relevant to the job on the ground and used on a daily basis around London. This ensures I have the basic knowledge to join any team operating in the capital city today.
We all spend a fortune kit, equipment, or going the gym but none of this will help u gain employment if u haven't mastered the softer skills which always get over looked but make the difference between employment and unemployment. 
If I was a client or TL putting a team together for a task in London then, I would not care about military backgrounds or bench press records it would be the things taught on this course. So if anyone is serious about making close protection a profession and not just a passing faze the this course is a must in your personal development.

Neil Hines
Hi Guys,
I have just returned from a 4 day London Familiarization Course with G7 Tactical Training Ltd.
The course was an awesome experience and opportunity to gain a real insight into what was an previously unknown entity to myself, due to my location up in the North of England.
We visited what is referred to as the Square Mile of which most Close Protection tasks take place, visiting places such as Hotels, Restaurants, Shops etc, making vital contacts at each location that will aid us if we need them when operating down there. We also visited Private charter Air terminals at vital Airports so that we were familiar with the procedures to follow at each.
The course also offered us the chance to take part in some Close Quarter Combat training specific to the Close Protection role within London, again ideal for those who's training may have taken place in a less densely populated area.
All of the accommodation, food, and transport was provided whilst on the course which was a great aid to ensuring that all we had to worry about was taking in what was being shown/taught to us.
In a nut shell I arrived a tourist on the first day, intimidated by "the jungle" and left feeling a lot more confident on the geographic's and workings of what is such a vital location in this industry.
The instructors varied from a clearly experienced Operations & Training Manager, to an ex Royalty Protection Officer who operates his own company London itself. Gaining vital assets to my network.
All in all I fully recommend this rare and understated course that offers so much at such a good price.
Any questions at all please feel free to ask myself for a students prospective or contact G7 direct.

Blas de Lezo
Hola a todos,
Ayer terminé el curso especifico de la ciudad de Londres. El curso está enfocado a Escolta con licencia y experiencia como Operativos pero no en Londres.http://www.g7trainin...course/course/4
El curso consistió en 4 días de viernes a Lunes.
El viernes empezamos con una presentación de lo que iba a ser el curso y que se esperaba de nosotros. Acto seguido se nos dio el material que íbamos a usar en el curso incluyendo las Radios Spyder gracias a la empresa hermana de G7 . G6http://www.g6-global...t-G6-Global.php
Acto seguido por la tarde cogimos los vehículos y hicimos turismo por las diferentes zonas de Londres para familiarizarnos con los más reconocidos y visitados restaurantes de Londres , Hoteles, Clubs Privados, Centros comerciales como Harrods, Aeropuertos comerciales y Privados, Teatros, y zonas de ocio.
Después del primer Tour por la tarde y noche usamos los coches para conducir nosotros mismo y hacer algunos recces.
Sábado fue todo Recces por la ciudad a pié desde las 10 de la mañana hasta las 0300am del día siguiente. Usando Metro, Autobuses, Barcos y Taxis. Desde zonas de Comercios a de Ocio.
El domingo se nos dio las Ordenes para hacer el día siguiente en la Task final. Pasamos el dia haciendo recces y contactos con las posibles zonas de visita de nuestro Principal.
El domingo fue la Task que incluyó entrenamiento de combate.
Los instructores son ex SO14 and SCO19 ( SO14 Royalty Protection
Royalty Protection is responsible for:
Personal protection for the Royal Family, both nationally and internationally 
Protecting Royal residences in London, Windsor and Scotland 
Protecting members of the public who visit Royal residences 
Personal protection for members of certain Royal families visiting the UK 
Special Escort Group mobile protection for protected persons, high risk prisoners and high value property 
Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is responsible for assessment and intervention in relation to people fixated on protected persons and sites )
Al final del curso cada unos de los participantes creó su propio mapa con contactos de Londres.
En el Reino Unido en saber como moverse por Londres y poseer contactos en lugares claves es primordial ya que más de un 80% de los trabajos ofrecidos en el Reino Unido son en Londres.
De los participantes, 2 se nos han ofrecido trabajos en Londres de CP para la semana que viene durante una semana. El resto volvieron a sus trabajos habituales.
Lo recomiendo 100%!!!!

18th - 21st April
16th - 19th May
18th - 21st July
17th - 20th Oct

Book a place via our website or call us on +44 (0)203 282 7575

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Re: G7 London CPD Course

Post by Ted-Pencry on 2/4/2014, 14:26

Seems a great course!

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