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Introduction slyspf

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Introduction slyspf

Post by slyspf on 28/4/2014, 13:39

Good morning all

just wanted to introduce myself I am currently working in the south of france as RST and in a close protection role. I'm 29 years old and had my SIA EXECUTIVE CLOSE PROTECTION LICENSE recently. I worked in the French intervention forces of GENDARMERIE NATIONALE for 8 years making a lot of arrests and escorts convoys . As my contract is soon finished (in june) with the family I work in MONACO, i try to find some security position to improve my experience. I'm sure I will meet here a lot of experienced people who could give me useful advices.


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Re: Introduction slyspf

Post by Sabre on 28/4/2014, 14:07

Welcome to the forum slyspf and thanks for the introduction!


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