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Hi,everyone Empty Hi,everyone

Post by MOCHY on 10/5/2014, 13:02

Hi everyone,

Thank you for accepting me 

I'm a CPO/SIA licensed with military and law enforcement background (Romanian Army/Infantry, Romanian Special Police and Romanian Intellicence Service). Also have extensive experience in private security (various roles) in Eastern and Western Europe.
I have a clean CRB and qualified in CP, HEMT+FAW, CQB, PSD, Reactive Shooting, SERE.
I am looking for employment in hostile environment CP, long or short term.
If you have any positions available please, please let me know, I'm available 24/7. CV available on request.

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Verified CPD Member

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Hi,everyone Empty Re: Hi,everyone

Post by Sabre on 10/5/2014, 16:19

Hello MOCHY, welcome to the forum!


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