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Twitter - Psychological Warfare

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Twitter - Psychological Warfare

Post by Ted-Pencry on 8/6/2014, 14:52

Twitter is a great way for agencies, governments, and press to dish out what they want.
Some specialists are currently working on new software called Tweetcred.
The software can detect and know if a tweet is trustworthy or not, by comparing it with millions of other past tweets, the software takes into account the Location of the tweet, if a URL was in the tweet, date the user joined, number of people following the user…

Another software is called Pheme and was made with the help of the University of Sheffield, and the software giant ATOS, Pheme detects and follows rumor trails, it tries to get to the origin of the rumor.

Manipulation OPS

Ntrepid is used by the US army, Ntrepid can generate armies of avatars and accounts for twitter and Facebook, it can be used to infiltrate militant groups but also dish out false information in psy ops.
Large private companies even offer propaganda operations "à la carte", (at your own choice)

Terrogence, an Israeli company set up by ex Shabak operatives can translate, amplify and then redistribute a message for example, it also specialises in the creation of fake profiles, Terrogence used to specialise in the infiltration of forums.

Israel has been at the forefront in the battle against terrorism for years. Now, the company "Terrogence" is working via the Internet to uncover new online threats.
Former Israeli intelligence agents scan the Web visiting jihadi Web sites and Islamic forums for the group-- looking for solid clues that will stop terror before it happens.
On any given day, one forum can have hundreds or thousands of posts. The years of experience in the intelligence field among Terrogence workers give them the ability to determine which threats could be real.
"We see successes in what we do, meaning we were able to provide early warnings to things that were not known," explained Gadi Aviran, Terrogence founder and chief intelligence officer.
About a month before Christmas, the group found a post by a leading activist giving advice on smuggling explosives.
"You can ignite a detonator chemically, take a medical capsule and put concentrated sulfuric acid in it, and then place it over the explosive material," he claimed.
The same technique was used by the so-called Christmas bomber on Northwest flight 253.
They also find postings linked to visits of dignitaries. That was the case in 2008 when a man said he'd be close to former President George W. Bush on a visit to Israel and asked others for suggestions.
"What we can say is we have found the information, we found it on time, ahead of time actually in the area of the visit," Aviran said.
He added that people don't understand how widespread jihad is on the net.
"The forums or the sources that we track, I would say on an average every day, on any given time there's at least 5,000 to10,000 people playing there, meaning participating in it," he explained. "Over a range of time you would add up to millions."
It's rare, however, to find information about a specific plan of attack.
"The next attack is going to be in the place that they think they can attack," Aviran said. "We're already seeing messages on the Christmas bomber saying 'listen guys, now the airport security is getting tight. Why don't you move to something else.'"
"I's very hard so you've got to have practical successes," he continued. "No, you're not going to win the war on terror because nobody ever has won the war on terror. What you can do is mitigate, minimize, defend yourself better.

*Originally aired on February 4, 2010.

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