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My word on ISIS and the industry

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My word on ISIS and the industry

Post by Woedendstier on 12/10/2014, 19:37


This being CP Domain, not CPWorld, not Linkedin, I would like to find reasonable information and opinions here, about the current situation in Iraq and Syria.

First off, I am really happy to see NO posts about the matter on this forum, because this situation will NOT bring us jobs, nor mercenary gigs nor any kind of realized wet dreams. Let me explain why :

- some laws preventing PMC's from taking part to combat ops still exist
- with the withdrawal from Iraq, US/UK/other militaries have enough soldiers available to do the job on the ground
- Local allies (mainly Iraqi Security Forces and Kurdish Peshmerga) have enough manpower to do the job on the ground
- And after all, who really cares about ISIS among the western allies ? It is the west that created ISIS, when Assad was public enemy number one. The return of Jihadis to Europe will be a good excuse for western governments to reduce freedom and increase surveillance of their own populations. Let's face it, western governments love terrorism.
- Who cares about Iraq ? Iraq has been somalized, just like Libya. And oil is still pumping out of the south. And anyway... prices are dropping.
- most economic activity (employing people like us for their security -e.g. oil&gas industry) has ceased in the ISIS-occupied territories. Less jobs for us ! Business needs a minimal level of security to function.

Last but not least.... if all of the above was wrong and Xe/Blackademi/Dyncanopy got a gucci contract to annihilate ISIS... they would employ South Americans for 60 dollars a day, mentored by a few dozens of Westerners. Past examples ? Xe and their Colombians in the Emirates. Certainly not massive numbers of western ex-grunts.

I am sick and tired of all the fluff around ISIS on social networks. I am surprised by the childish behavior of so many "professionals".  Let's be professional, mature, realistic, and understand that we work in a BUSINESS, not in the military anymore.

CPD is not that.

CPD is people really doing the job in the real world.

Let's study the real market of CP/security management, see where the jobs really are and what quals are really needed.

Thanks in advance

Woedendstier (currently in Southern Iraq)
CPD Moderator
CPD Moderator

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Re: My word on ISIS and the industry

Post by Ted-Pencry on 15/11/2014, 22:44

Good post Woedendstier.

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CPD Founder & Administrator

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