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Training programs in Sweden and other locations

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Training programs in Sweden and other locations Empty Training programs in Sweden and other locations

Post by Hawk on 8/10/2015, 05:44

After worked in Afghanistan on several diplomatic protection details as subcontractors, and been tied up for 2 years for one of Sweden's few billionaires. We are moving into training again since it is often enquired. Individuals who taken much training with us, wish to buy t shirts, pins, and badges so we are looking into this.
Especially arranging pistol/rifle Courses with various known instructors (normally only open to police and military staff but also to specialist in the security industry.
Firearms, PSD diplomatic protection Courses, Medical and protective driving after all we done this since 2003.
Trained Embassies in protective driving and provided security drivers to Saudi Arabia for 3 years.
I have done police training in Iraq, convoys in Kandahar, diplomatic protection on various Embassies in Kabul, plus delivered training throughout the middle east and Scandinavia.
We are also looking into special training programs with Active military instructors from driving different vehicles, to cbrn. Nothing start until January, but if you need competency shooting on paper, or basic to advance training please get in Contact. Also foreign security companies are invited to cooperate and make Money to, after all Sweden is not far away / Hawk..
PS: we will still take on protective roles, and possible when all is working be using extra instructors and salespersons. Any questions please contact since we only provide Specialist training we don't run SIA we are not British nor do we work in UK. Licensed courses for Sweden and Norway are possible.

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