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HR/recruitment deparments

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HR/recruitment deparments

Post by Hawk on 24/10/2015, 22:23

In the past our small Company have trained a high number of people since 2003 especially multinational Corporations and Embassies while I was on subcontracted work. Due to operational experience we have helped and placed personnel from EU/Scandinavia/US and Asia on Security Projects often in hostile Environments.
We did loose much Money when some (recruiters after agreement refused to pay the agreed sum) I was personally involved in placeing more then 50 PSD medics in Afghanistan and 2 people out of these said thank you for your assistance then I stopped since it was more work and less income and appreciation for what we do, at that time I still worked fulltime in Afghanistan. If there are any professional companies, organisations that look for personnel, we can help find them. with Contacts in the East Europé and with former Nepalese Gurkas we could help out
Recruitment and placing of key personnel will be part of our new services again.
With legal agreements signed of course.
Let us know if we can help.

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