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FIREARMS Training in France

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FIREARMS Training in France

Post by Ted-Pencry on 11/11/2015, 11:07

Most brits know about Euro Tactical Ltd in France because it is owned by brits which helps with the language barrier.
Many think there is only Euro Tactical in France.

There is much better ranges than what Euro Tactical have in France, in the south West of France there is a well kept secret which very few foreigners know about.

There is a cave where all possible tactical shooting scenarios are possible, cars, streets, buses, many rooms and scenarios, pop up moving targets, you name it and the cave has it! 

For all CP related shooting in the cave Sovereign Global Academy takes care of it.
For all other types of shooting Indra Academy hold many different courses there and they certifiy  for M4/Glock.

If anyone is interested in doing a course there and shooting hundreds of rounds, do get in touch with us and we will organise something with Sovereign and Indra. A special course for CPD members with a special rate.

Here is some footage from a course that was held in the cave, organised by Tactical Systems, Sovereign, and Indra.

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Re: FIREARMS Training in France

Post by Hawk on 12/11/2015, 23:39

yea, but I worked with British in both Iraq, and Afghanistan Sweden have English in school since the 4th grade and is number one in the World of English speaking and not native language. But I would say it is more the mentality that (we are the best) then language barriers especially with British Citizens. However there are far more nationals on the Circuit of CP. Just opened a door to anyone that wish to use our weapons and Active mil/pol instructors.
Thanks H

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