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Post by ENJ1986 on 12/11/2015, 15:02

Afternoon guys,

Names Ed J, 1 of 3 founders for Bespoke Britannia. We are a recruitment, events and training company for HNW families. I am in charge of the security recruitment and contracts.

We are very lucky to run 3 residential security contracts which are full. 

I am a strong advocate for raising standards.

As of January 2016, I will be virtually leaving all aspects of physical security and will moving over to IT Security as we bought into a company specialising in MOD/Government contracts. 

I will over time lose touch with a lot of people so my jobs will be advertised through my contacts, Facebook and website. 

I have worked out in 5 years that the more you move up the ladder in CP, the more family time you lose. 

Also with the way the world works, IT Security industry specialist jobs has doubled in 12 months hence I am putting my efforts in to this.

Hope everyone is well.


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Post by Sabre on 12/11/2015, 15:05

Hello Ed, thanks for the introduction and welcome to the forum!


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