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Interface modification suggest

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Interface modification suggest

Post by Rikard on 14/11/2015, 22:02

Hi Ted
I have a suggestion on something I think will make the forum easier to navigate.

On the right hand side of the menu there is now a box with latest topics, this is about as far as I look when I log in if I don’t look for something particular (yes I know I’m a lazy bastard  Very Happy) If this one could be further divided to Latest topics, latest vacancies and unread threads I think it would easier to navigate for lazy individuals as myself.

I think latest topics deserve a spot cause sometimes I log in and check this box if something is new, if it is not and I have nothing to say myself I log out again.

Latest vacancies because that way the latest topics don’t get blured up by all damn vacancies  Cool and it is easier for someone who log in for the discussions to see what is new and same for the job hunters without they blur it up for each other.

Latest unread threads would be useful when haven’t logged in for a while and there been discussions in old threads, to see where something happened in a fast way.
I don’t know how much work it would be to change this on the forum, and I might be the only one who thinks this would be an improvement but since I had it on mind, I thought I should share my view.

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