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Ambrey Risk are Recruiting

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Ambrey Risk are Recruiting

Post by Rikard on 16/11/2015, 23:16

Ambrey Risk are looking for both recent military service leavers and those with previous maritime experience who are available to deploy for up to 3 months immediately after training at the Ambrey Risk Training Centre and who meet the following criteria:

• Successfully pass an English language interview on Skype. • Minimum 4 years continuous NATO military service experience (not including reservist service)

• Valid passport holder ( Polish/Romanian/Greek/Slovak or other NATO eastern European) • STCW95 Certificate – all 4 modules from an MCA approved training organisation

• Clean Basic CRB Certificate – no convictions whatsoever

• Full Military Discharge Papers showing exemplary service

• Seafarers Medical Certificate (ENG1) showing fitness for navigational lookout duties ie you cannot be colour blind

• Danish Medical (not mandatory)

• Seaman’s Card and Discharge Book – we can sponsor you for these • Yellow Fever Certificate

• City & Guilds 8269 accredited MSO Course (if required)

• First Person on Scene Intermediate or similar medical certificate.

• Ambrey Risk Induction ( this can be conducted at Ambrey Head Office as a 2 day standalone course if you already have the above qualifications) The next City and Guilds / Induction training opportunity is on the 23rd November and if you are available to attend please could you send copies of the above mentioned documents/certificates along with your Skype address to
Please visit our website for further details or telephone the Recruitment & Training Team to pursue these opportunities on: 0203 503 0340.

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