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introduction Empty introduction

Post by maca2308 on 21/7/2016, 00:45

Hi all,
This is my first post, just to give a quick intro into me and my experiences working in the armed forces and private sector for a couple of global security companies

Spent 8 years in the army, 5 of them in special forces as a sniper, a explosive expert and then moved into interrogation

Worked in Afghanistan in my final years an interrogator for coalition forces to captured enemy for intelligence gathering purposes

I then left the army and worked for a global security company based out of america in various roles from squad member in small detail for reconnaissance events, also security detail for diplomats, embassy personal and VIP's

After that i then worked for another global security company that specializes in KNR cases, i was sent to various locations around the world as part of a squad to retrieve the persons being held captive with any means necessary to bring them home aliveĀ 

Im now out of the industry and i have found this site, thus having a good way to keep in touch with the community i adore and enjoy working with and being a part of so much

Thanks for the acceptance in here

Kind RegardsĀ 

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