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Introduction Empty Introduction

Post by Swat Team Consulting on 17/10/2016, 17:37


The security consultancy sector is very broad. It includes the analysis of security issues and risk assessment; the dissemination of advice (audits) to improve security measures; the development, implementation and evaluation of concepts, strategies and security plans.The security consultancy can appear in various forms. 

Some examples are:

the dissemination of information to make and improve security measures
the analysis of security issues
the draft, the implementation and evaluation of concepts, strategies and security plans integration and the realization of these concepts and plans branch
the realization or the assessment of security procedures
the preparation, organization or training in safety assessment
the security management service delivery.

Africa operations

We can we also deploy in areas with strong risk and sometimes even in conflict zones, we also provide services in the field of security and defense for governmental, international organizations, NGOs and private companies

Example of Customer Reference

Burkina Faso: Embassy of France, Embassy of Swedish, Delegation of the European Union , European External Action Service (EEAS) , security firm EGSN
Belgium: Securiguard security firm and Safe-T-First

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Security and training manager for africa 
Best regards
Swat Team Consulting
Swat Team Consulting
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