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Firearms Qualifictions

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Firearms Qualifictions

Post by Hawk on 23/1/2017, 21:17

Have access to training areas from 25-300 meter ranges.
Own gunclubs for testing, practising, qualification.
Most companies require a diploma for basic weaponhandling, field strip, safety procedures, loading/unloading, stoppages, scenarios, stress, etc.
Sniper rifles Rem 700 Ltr Police, Tikka etc. with (military/police sniper instructor)
9mm Glock with experienced PSD operator, TL.
5.56mm Halfauto (m4 type) only 1 day qualification for proof. Qualified
All must show Clean background check, be 20 years old, previous CP training, and for 5.56mm must have military training, service.
We can provide this in several countries
If interested in this send pm.
Tailored opportunities


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