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OSINT: The use of Non standard Methods

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OSINT: The use of Non standard Methods

Post by Ted-Pencry on 16/10/2012, 16:47

The Term OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) is usually called the collection and analysis of intelligence, based on information from publicly available sources. This includes newspapers, Internet, books, telephone books, academic journals, radio, television, government reports, technical documentation, manuals, instructions, etc.

In terms of intelligence, OSINT is fundamentally different from "just information" (sometimes referred to as OSIF, or Open Source InFormation), that is, in general, any data and information circulating freely available media channels.

OSINT - it's never "in general" but always specific information collected and specially structured for answers to specific questions.

Intelligence gathering in OSINT is very different from other areas of intelligence, especially HUMINT. By relying on the undercover methods, the challenge is angling intelligence information from a source not given, in general, to cooperate.

In OSINT is the main problem is to find meaningful and reliable sources of wealth of publicly available information. If such sources are found, getting one big intelligence is not working.

According to various estimates, from open sources, American intelligence extracted from 35% to 95% of the intelligence. The share of the cost of OSINT in the intelligence budget of the United States is only about 1%.

When working with open sources of intelligence, a very big advantage is two factors:

1. Vested interest in the search for specific intelligence
Personal interest scout very important, it allows a more efficient search for intelligence in the public domain. Surrender in this case is 100%.

2. Intuitive search. The ability to navigate the information intuitively
This is hard to explain in words, as it must be felt within. There is one important rule: "If you are what you aspire to much, then, willy-nilly, it then tends to you with the same impact." This is the principle of mutual attraction.

We program the noosphere to find specific information on amounts of your energy field, and brain waves. Everything eventually comes to the point that we begin to see the relevant information itself finds us, we even do not need to look for it.

The combination of these two qualities produces a perfect "live search engine" as an individual.
Programming environment around us, we create an information field around itself, which begins to work for us to do what we want. The only question is - at what time.

"Like attracts like - and even more powerful"

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