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Galahad Associates Training Facility

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Galahad Associates Training Facility

Post by GalahadAssociates on 17/1/2013, 22:15

Galahad Associates Specialist Training Facility

Please visit our blog site to view images of our recently completed training facility.

Galahad Associates offer one of the UK's most comprehensive Close Protection Operators courses, based at our training facility in Hampshire.

The 26 day course is taught by ex RM and SF operators, all with extensive and current experience working at the pinnacle of commercial Close Protection.

Rather than just training for a licence and ticking a box, our course is designed to introduce all of the skills needed to do the job and operate in any environment, for any type of client.

This is an international role, training for the UK simply isn't enough

When choosing your training provider ask them the following questions:

Do the instructors have extensive and more importantly, current commercial experience?
Do they operate globally
Are they an operational company rather than just a training provider?
Does the course follow the basic SIA guidelines or actually go beyond them?
Will there be daily unarmed combat?
Will there be daily physical training?
Will there be a full length surveillance package leading to a level 3 qualification?
Will there be a proper driving package including anti-ambush, convoy and off-road driving?
Will there be multiple, full scale exercises that utilise a range of transport hubs, including major airports?
Will you do daily reaction to attack drills on foot and in vehicles until they start becoming second nature?
Will the course cover executive, hostile and celebrity Close Protection in a realistic and in-depth way?
Will you be taught about the industry, finding employment and personal presentation skills, or just left to your own devices post course?

Galahad Associates tick all of those boxes and more. For more information about the course, and to book your place, please visit us at

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