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Contact for work Empty Contact for work

Post by Hawk on 19/2/2017, 00:55

For many years I have been contacted by guys asking for my help getting the foot inside the door to the cp industry. I used to give personal advice on Cv´s, and Contact details etc. However this industry is flooded by liers and Muppets and I had my share of them. When guys use your Contact details, personal experience to gain own fabricated Cv´s I stopped. Back then I also advertised, helped with recruitment for multile positions and from the 50+ guys I forwarded for medic positions in Iraq and Afghanistan 2 guys thanked me.
When you decide training provider you should ask yourself the question what can that Company do for you?
For example you dont buy a Mercedes and ask BMW for a free service do you?
Personal Contacts is Contacts gained over several years, by working in the industry and become trusted and loyal. That is not something you hand out to people that dont know you in person, trained with you or worked with you in the past. Contacting me here or on other forums in pm with several months or years membership and no posts makes me Believe you are either a troll, or just Another ruggsack on someones back.
My suggestion is that you network, and work your way up the ladder like everyone else.
Ask your training provider, people are jumping on to training Courses by name, industry reputation or someone heard a friend of a friend say they are best etc. G4S or Control Risk Group are Risk Management companies and they have work all over the Globe. They also recruit people from their training programs.
I have been fighting for every job, experience and still do like most operators.
It is fair to say you guys have alot of hard work before you, and every small job and every day you do is Another day to put on your CV.

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