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Welcome to Close Protection Domain
Close Protection Domain is a security forum designed and created by a British intelligence/security specialist. The forum focuses exclusively on close protection, surveillance, maritime security, and security management.

CPD cuts to the chase, is easy to navigate and straightforward to use.

The serious forum for serious professionals

In this fast-moving industry, operators need to react swiftly in readiness for deployment at short notice. Time management is of the utmost importance – the reason CPD covers only what matters most... You won’t find whole forum sections dedicated to exposing and naming people for entertainment. You won’t find small talk that bears no relation to CP, SV, Marsec or Security Management. You won’t find ‘information overload’ that makes CPD hard to navigate. You won't find the CPD team using the forum to advertise their own CP companies.

Built on decades of combined experience, knowledge and passion for our profession, CPD was created in direct response to evolving industry needs. With focus on quality as opposed to quantity, CPD brings together dedicated security professionals in the goal of sharing information and opportunities in a secure environment.

What makes CPD Special?

  • Security and Identity Protection

Some security forums are open source, ironically enabling non-members to read all confidential information posted by members. Forums without security measures can attract criminals, muppets and trolls, as well as persons who create multiple usernames to advertise their services or bash competitors online. This won’t happen on CPD...

CPD is closed and the website cannot be crawled.

Verified members will have full forum access and new members will have restricted access until vetting is complete. (more on how to become a verified member once registration is complete).

A stringent selection and vetting process ensures that individuals and companies will be protected at all times. Posting unfounded rumours, unverified intel and defamatory comments when hidden behind a username has unfortunately become commonplace – verified membership is the solution. The CPD way is the right way and enables both our private and corporate members peace of mind.
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