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What is hostile reconnaissance

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What is hostile reconnaissance Empty What is hostile reconnaissance

Post by Woedendstier on 23/12/2013, 13:38

Merry Christmas Ted Pencry I know you'll love this one  Wink!

What is hostile reconnaissance?

What is hostile reconnaissance?
This post will aim to define the term ‘hostile reconnaissance’ and then highlight some of the potential indicators or suspicious behaviours associated with hostile reconnaissance and finally, what details Security personnel should record and report when they believe an act has taken place.

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It is widely accepted that prior to a terrorist attack, an instance of direct action or a professional burglary, an activity known as hostile reconnaissance will be carried out. Simply explained, information will be gathered on a target by way of photograph, video or perhaps sketching and other research. Persons conducting this will be predominantly checking on security and law enforcement activity. They will ask themselves questions such as “are passes being checked by security as staff enter the building?” or “are the staff questioning strangers?” They may also check locations and operation of car parks, CCTV and fire exits.
Next we shall consider indicators of hostile reconnaissance, things that should arouse suspicion. Please note that some of these things may be completely innocent but nonetheless they should all be investigated.

1. Out of the ordinary questions regarding the security measures of a particular property.

2. Questions regarding shift changes of security or number of security on site.

3. Vehicles parked in unusual locations

4. The filming or photographing of CCTV cameras, fire exits, corridors or lifts

5. Persons with no reasonable cause for being in a location that may be taking notes and recording movement of building occupants.

6. Suspicious behaviour by an individual attempting to enter premises, e.g. subject is alone, nervous, perspiring, inappropriate clothing etc.

7. Persons found in authorised personnel areas such as plant rooms, comms rooms, HVAC rooms (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Some of the above may not seem grounds enough to suspect that someone is up to no good but you and your team who know your property well will pick up on anything that is out of the ordinary or out of place.
What do they look like?
What is hostile reconnaissance ID-10092903

The truth is, there is no photograph I can put up that can tell you definitively what a terrorist or thief looks like as there is no type. Believe me when I say there have been incidents of terrorism, direct action and burglary carried out by people of all sizes, sexes, races, religions and backgrounds. Trust your instincts, you may be wrong but imagine the consequences if you were right and did nothing about it.

Terrorism Act 2000
Under section 43 of the terrorism act, a Police Officer may stop an individual and request to view footage or photographs taken. It is a common mistake that Security staff believe that they have the same powers to stop a person, view their images and ask for them to be deleted if a person is taking images of the property they are protecting. This is not the case, security staff cannot implement this however I would advise that security staff do question individuals and see if they can account for their actions. If the person being asked is unwilling to cooperate this may be something that needs to be reported to the police. In my experience if a person is asked to account for their actions and they have nothing to hide they will be more than willing to account for their actions, maybe they are studying architecture or have been commissioned to take the photographs in which case they may present you with a permit or identification.

Any time hostile reconnaissance is suspected, a full incident report must be completed with as much information as possible such as time, date, exact location, CCTV coverage, description of person, clothing, accent as well as the direction the are now travelling. This must be reported to the Police as quick as possible and if the suspect is still on the scene treat it as an emergency. Your line manager should also be notified as soon as is possible.
I would highly recommend that all front line security staff complete a course run by the Police in counter terrorism and incident management such as Project Griffin and Project ARGUS. For more details see the websites. The dedicated officers that run these courses are excellent, I am sure you and your team will get a lot out of them.
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What is hostile reconnaissance Empty Re: What is hostile reconnaissance

Post by Ted-Pencry on 4/1/2014, 11:21

Very basic indeed Wo, but good for beginners  silent

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