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CP SIA, MIRA Quaified

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CP SIA, MIRA Quaified Empty CP SIA, MIRA Quaified

Post by Hawk on 23/1/2017, 21:41

We still get questions about setting up training in Sweden again and if we can offer SIA cp Courses.
At the moment we dont yet know the outcome/interest and would rather cooperate with a selfemployed/small business or freelance instructor.
We have a few names already but we are not interested to cooperate with companies/individuls who dont promote our other training packages, This will be a fair 50/50 % after COSTs.
If interested to deliver SIA cp training in SWeden while you also help us gain qualifications we are eager to hear from you.
I have at this stage already wrote a CP manual and Power Point presentations that have been fully accepted by SwedishGovernment and Police.
Therefore we also wish to get in contact with 2 Swedes.
1 that have RPS police selfprotection qualification, 2 person the right to teach law in this matter
pm or send:

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