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OSINT Training in the UK

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OSINT Training in the UK

Post by Ted-Pencry on 13/10/2012, 17:06

Initial Course On Open Source Intelligence & Using The Internet As An Investigative Tool

If you think that just by letting your staff have some access to the internet so they can Google things means that they are using the internet as an investigative tool then you and they are missing out on a world full of information and their investigations may not be as thorough as needed and may actually be compromised.

There are many items that make up Open Source Intelligence and we are able to provide a full two, three or four day course giving your staff practical working experience of;

1. the use of Open Source Intelligence in recent investigations
2. computer security & footprints
3. legal issues
4. internet structure & traceability
5. advanced searching techniques
6. using different search engines & meta search engines
7. using audit trails during an inquiry
8. understanding emails as an investigator
9. understanding social networking sites as an investigator
10. databases & how to use them as an investigator
11. other internet activities
12. useful software & other investigative resources
13. practical exercises

These competitively priced courses have been given all over the UK & various places in Europe to many hundreds of investigators over the last 8years, not only from law enforcement & government agencies but also to journalists & private investigators.

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