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Spying Virus May Be Work Of A 'Nation State'

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Spying Virus May Be Work Of A 'Nation State'

Post by Ted-Pencry on 24/11/2014, 10:14

The creators of the intelligence-gathering Regin malware are said to have "gone to great lengths to cover its tracks".

Regin has been used to attack individuals, businesses, government entities and research institutes.
Sectors that have been targeted include airline and energy.
Telecoms firms have also been infected, allowing hackers to access phone calls.
Computers can be infected with the software in different ways, commonly via fake internet sites and instant messenger programmes.
Symantec claims Ireland has been the site of 9% of confirmed infections.
Russia, Saudi Arabia and Mexico have also been heavily affected.
The report describes the purpose of Regin as "intelligence gathering" and says: "It is used for the collection of data and continuous monitoring of targeted organisations or individuals."

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